Smiley face I am currently Senior Research Associate (senior postdoc) at University of Kent working in the Granule Project. I was previously a Research Associate (RA) and Assistant Supervisor at Imperial College London (UK) in the Functional Programming group and Visiting Researcher at University of Kent where I was previously an RA.

I did my Ph.D. at ITU Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2016 on Denotational Semantics in Synthetic Guarded Domain Theory. I also spent six months of my Ph.D. at Aarhus University within the Logic and Semantics Group.

I am interested in semantics of programming languages, functional programming, recursion schemes, category theory, mathematical logic and type theory.


  • April 2022: I am pleased to announce I will be starting to work in the Granule Project at University of Kent together with Dr. Dominic Orchard from May 2022.
  • April 2022: I will be giving a talk in the Logics and Semantics group at University Of Tallin on the 26th of May ‘22 about bialgebras and recursion schemes.
  • March 2022: On the 16th of May I will be giving a talk at the School of Computing of University of Kent about semantics and recursion schemes. Link here.
  • Jan 2022: Paper accepted at ESOP 22 on Effect handlers for scoped effects with Z. Yang, N. Wu, B. van den Berg and T. Schrijvers.